About the Authors

Frank Bennett and Dr. Peter Chadha collaborated to write a non-technical book to explain how Small Medium Business can take advantage of Google services in the ‘cloud’ to grow their business. We explain this using the language of business rather than the often baffling language of IT for those that need to understand ‘why’ rather than ‘how’.

Smart Questions is built on 4 key pillars, which set it apart from other publishers:

1. Smart people want Smart Questions not Dumb Answers

2. Domain experts are often excluded from authorship, we make writing a book simple and painless

3. The community has a great deal to contribute to enhance the content

4. We donate a percentage of profit to charity. It is great marketing, it is also the right thing to do

In September 2016 Google renamed Google Apps for Work to G Suite.

There were no changes to the services formerly known as Google Apps for Work so the authors have no plans to revise the book.