Let’s talk communication and collaboration

Thinking of Going Google Apps? Ask the Smart Questions is a book written by two veteran users of Google Apps for Work who advise businesses about how to ‘get work done’ and that relies on effective communication and collaboration.

It is written for Small Medium Businesses (SMB/SME), Not For Profit and Education.

It’s purpose is to help the reader learn about the opportunity to put Google Apps for Work, to work in your business and help you answer a question that bugs many business leaders: are we investing our capital in IT in the optimum way to serve our business?

We figure you don’t want to be told what to do so we provide questions that help you decide!

One thing that drives efficiency and productive is how well your people (your number 1 asset and usually cost) are equipped to perform their daily tasks that involve communication and collaboration. This is a big deal when you take time to consider the routine work of each day that happens between co-workers, suppliers, prospects and customers. Do it well and you get one outcome, do it badly, you get the message.

Click here to ‘Look Inside’ the book.

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